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We at the den have a matching out look on life as the team at American Honey;

“Don’t let the boring side of you hold you back… ditch the boring!”

American honey is the original, exceptionally smooth blend of pure honey and Wild Turkey Bourbon, delivering an unmistakable kick with sweet honey that ends in a finish as long and rich as a stretch limo full of your best mates, or as we at the den like to imagine; a stretch mini!

Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller Jimmy Russell came up with the idea for American Honey nearly four decades ago and in the 70’s, Wild Turkey Honey Liqueur was only offered at the distillery and limited occasions until 2006. That’s when it was re packaged and re launched as the American Honey we know and love.

Our den family elixir isn’t an ordinary spirit, it has won multiple awards including Best in Class Distinction at World Whiskey Awards and Icons of Whiskey Award, amongst others!

The beauty of this spirit is that it brings the staff team together, no one is left behind. We drink it neat, as a shot and only after direction from our Chief Taylor is heard… “All Rise!”. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy whiskey, we urge you to try American Honey. We have a particular member of the team that cannot stand whiskey, yet loves American Honey, some say more than life itself.

So in short, get yourself down here, take note of the framed bottle on the stairs on your way down, and enjoy. We’re happy to share…. ALL RISE!!